Ramie square crepe fabric

370,00 Kč
SKU: ramwov01

Ramie is an ancient material for apparel, it was found even in Egyptian mummies and now you can wear it :)

Composition: 86% ramie 14% cotton
Width: 135cm
Weight: 165 g/m2

Ramie is a very hardy plant, it looks a little like nettle, grows even in very barren soil in warm climate and thus is considered a highly environment-friendly crop for cloth production. Fabric made of ramie are similar to linen - the fibre also comes from the stem of the plant and can be quite stiff. But this woven is very nice to touch, great for a shirt or a summer bathing suit.

The fabric is best for warm weather, takes moisture very nicely and is naturally antiseptic. However, we do not have much experience yet, please help :)

Price: 370,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%



Dobrý den, byl by tento materiál vhodný na lehkou letní sukni? Není příliš průhledný? Děkuji za odpověď.

Re: letni sukne

Dobry den,

pruhledne to nebude, jak je to krep, tak to hodne pomuze proti pruhlednosti :) Takze podle me z toho bude moc fajn sukne :)


Mohla bych objednat ne 1 m,

Mohla bych objednat ne 1 m, ale 1,5 m? Děkuji

Re: objednavka necelych metru

Dobry den,

urcite muzete, napiste prozim poznamku primo k objednavce, at muzeme priradit. diky