PUL standard food-grade

70,00 Kč
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PUL the classic version - that is waterproof but also suitable for use with food.

Composition: 100% polyester with polyurethane lamination
Width: diaper cut 50x47cm, full width 150cm
Water column: 20 000 mm H2O
RET: 29 m2Pa/W (resistance to water vapour - goretex usually has < 6)
Colors: see selection

Certified in accordance with EU standards for products in contact with food (food-grade).

We sell diaper cuts 50x47 cm and full meters (width 150cm).

Price per meter is CZK 390

PUL is one of the most risky materials used on diapers - genius when it works but it happens that lamination is not perfect (in every production). Please take that into account, when you have to file a complaint (if there is a defect from production - that is on our side) we refund the price of the fabric, but only that, other costs remain with you, sorry, we can not do better! Production defects are relatively easy to distinguish by pre-washing. Any visual changes after the first wash are suspicious, better return and we will exchange for a new piece. Warranty on functional properties of your PUL holds for one year only, after that only upon agreement.

Another warning regards durability. Production guarantees 100 washes. PUL usually holds longer but there is no guarantee for that.

Do not tumble-dry, do not dry on hot surfaces, do not wring out. Also be careful about the sun, this is plastic...

Always check your PUL before use - try to pull on the edge of lamination - it has to hold. If not, please return.

Differences between PUL fabrics: Functional PUL breathes, but thus it also feels moist after about 1 hour holding a wet diaper. Standart PUL does not feel moist, but it also breathes very little, for more active kids better use the functional one. There is no difference between the standard PUL fabrics, only the softer is really softer, but all of them are waterproof.

Price: 70,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%


PUL- certifikace

Dobrý den, je prosím možno doložit k PUL jedlý certifikaci o styku s potravinami?
Předem děkuji za odpověď, Alice

Re: jedly PUL

Dobry den,

nase prohlaseni se vsemi certifikacem posilame na vyzadani vzdy k nakupu. Prikladam cislo potvrzeni o jedlosti PULu. EU regulace ohledne plastovych materialu pro styk s potravinami se da najit na webu, ale nenasla jsem tam moznost overit primo to konkretni cislo, tak to nam budete muset verit.

A2210546802101001 EU 2020/1245 food contact plastic