Merino organic design double-sided

970,00 Kč
SKU: iwobr02

Newly we offer design-knitted double-sided oganic merino fabric, similar to our "well-known" design merino.

Composition: 100% organic merino dyed
Weight 290g/m2
Width 140cm
Colors: grey, natural creamy, anthracite

The design double-sided merino is a very nice soft fabric suitable for clothing - hats, scarves, sweathers, anything for children and adults. It also lasts quite long considering it is 100% merino.
It is not as stretchy as our classical design merino, but still works well for the same purposes. As far as we have tested this one seems slightly scratchier than the design merino (which is totally amazing as wool goes), so if you want to use this on skin and are a little touchy about wool, use some baselayer (thin organic cotton perhaps).

Certified Eko-tex 1 for kids below the age of 3.

Made in the EU

The fabric is not part of our swatchbook but you can order a sample by making a note to the order.

Price: 970,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%