Fold-over elastic soft 2cm (by 1/2 meters)

10,00 Kč
SKU: galel02

For those who want something softer than our 2cm FOE we offer this softer fold-over elastic. It does not last as long, but it still good to use with cloth diapers or clothing. But note that the shiny side pills quite a lot, so use carefully or better use the other side up.

Width 2 cm with pre-woven fold in the middle

We offer in many color variants and can make even custom colors (wholesale)

Use: The elastic has pre-woven fold in the middle where it easily folds on the material, which you want trimmed. In this way you get a high-quality stretchy hem for legs, sleeves or a cloth diaper.

The price is per 1/2 meter.

Before you sew it is best to wash the elastic especially when the color is in contrast - it may let a bit of color in the first wash.

The elastic is certified for use against skin.

Made in the Czech Republic

Price: 10,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%


Gumičky skladem

Dobrý den, koukám, že jsou skoro všechny barvy vyprodané. Kdy prosím budou zase skladem? Děkuji.

Re: gumicky mekke

Dobry den,

no meli jsme tak trochu v umyslu tyhle gumicky prestat prodavat a nechat jen ceske - jsou podobne mekke, i kdyz ne tolik, ale vydrzi o dost vic a jsou ceske. Proto tu barvy pomalu dochazi, nedoskladnovali jsme... Mate nejakou barvu, kterou potrebujete? Koukneme zitra, treba neco najdeme :) Diky