Fold Over Elastic 2cm (by 1/2 meters)

14,00 Kč
SKU: galel01

Our new no-pilling firm FOE for use on cloth diapers or any clothing. Width 2cm with the fold prepared in the half.

We offer many color tones, tested on diapers and softshell, it does not pill :)

Use: The elastic has pre-woven fold in the middle where it easily folds around the material you intend to hem. In this way you obtain a quality stretchy hem suitable for the waistline, hemming for legs or hemming of the entire diaper (warning - on this FOE we do not have any official certificate for babies!)

The price is per 1/2 meter!

It is better to pre-wash if colors used are different since it may bleed slightly and stain your finished product.

The FOE is certified for use against skin.

Made in the Czech Republic

Price: 14,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%


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lze použít na PUL svrchní plenku? a kolik je takové gumičky potřeba?
Děkuji, Vlaďka

Re: gumicka na PUL svrchnaky

Dobry den,

jojo, gumicka se na svrchnaky pouziva a funguje docela dobre. Pokud budete lemovat cele svrchnaky tak pocitejte cca 1.5m, zalezi na strihu, musite vyzkouset.



Dobrý den,

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