Stretch needles AKRA (box of 5pcs)

35,00 Kč
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Akra are top quality well-proven needles for household sewing machines (Czech and German production). They have a flat part in the upper end, which goes into the machine. We add these mainly because of the special needles you can not find in a common haberdashery.

Stretch needles are relatively common. They have a special angling, which prevents skipping of stitches in a tightened fabric.

We offer in strength 75, since stretch needles are best suited for sewing of thinner knitted fabrics.

We sell in packs of 5, price is for the full box, that is the 5 pcs.

Somebody always asks about the difference between the ballpoint needle and the stretch needle. Both the needles are suited for knitted fabrics, both have a rounded point, but the ballpoint needle is rounder. Thus it is better suited for grosser knitwear (most of our fabrics with the exception of bamboo jersey and similar) and the elastane knits, which will more probably not tear in the stitching if the ballpoint needle is used.

Price: 35,00 Kč
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Jehly 75

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Jehly stretch

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