Design ŠD organic cotton jersey unbleached (by 1/2m)

205,00 Kč
SKU: OCJdes02

This fabric is very similar to design ŠD organic cotton jersey only on a natural creamy material, so the colors also tend towards natural tones.

Composition: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane
Width 160 cm
Weight 190 g/m2
Designs: see selection

price per 1/2 meter

Suited for T-shirts, bodysuits, leggings, underwear, pajamas, tight dresses, about anything :)

The fabric is the same as our organic cotton stretch jersey only printed, so you can combine.

GOTS, Eko-tex I certified for children below the age of 3.

Made in the Czech Republic, design šijemdětem.

So far the fabric is not part of our swatchbook, but you can order a sample for CZK 10, only make a note when finishing your order.

Patterns for example:

Price: 205,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%