Design ŠD bamboo sports knit Czech thin (by 1/2 meters)

270,00 Kč
SKU: bmbjdes01

Finally we have our own thin sports bamboo printed and it is beautiful!

A very absorbent material for sports clothing, underwear and anything where you want to move and want your product to last, the thin version is excellent for the summer

Composition: 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex
Width: 140-150 cm
Weight: 210 g/m2

Suited for light pliant child apparel, maintains the natural antiseptic and absorbent qualities of bamboo. It combines well with sports merino if you can not wear the wool directly on your skin.

The thin version is a very nice stretchy fabric great for light sports clothing for adults and children, I would not recommend sewing underpants from it, but it is great for all the other underwear, very soft against the skin.

The discounted prints are an old version, where the colors tend to bleach when washed.
The bamboo fiber is Eko-Tex I certified.

Price per 1/2 meters.

Certified for children below the age of 3.

Made in the EU.

For swatches please make a note to the order, we will add. CZK 10 per piece.

Price: 270,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%


DOPRODEJ jizerské stromy ZBYTEK

Dobrý den, kolik cm má zbytek: jizerské stromy, který máte v doprodeji?

Re: jizerske stromy

Dobry den,

mame 1.2m, ale cca 40x35cm je v rohu vada tisku. Pocitali bychom sleu 15%. Kdyztak muzete objednat jiny potisk s poznamkou, upravime. Diky



Dobrý den, kdy bude možné objednat "lalala" nebo "schovávaná v lese"?

Re: lalala a schovavana v lese

Dobry den,

oboje je v tisku, lalala na tenkem ceskem bambusu, schovavana v lese bude na silne pruzne biobavlne. Casove zjistuji, snad uz to nebude zase tak za dlouho...