Bamboo - organic cotton sports knit Czech

310,00 Kč
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Following your requests for a combination of bamboo and organic cotton, we are testing a new knit, please comment!

Very nice absorbent material for casual clothing, underwear and anything you want to move where durability is also desired. From what we have tried so far, some of us find it even more pleasant than Czech bamboo, it is definitely stronger, I personally found the leggings too firm, more like slimming, my colleague was completely enthralled :)

We offer two variants:
45% bamboo viscose, 45% organic cotton and 10% lycra
60% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton and 10% lycra
Width: 155 cm
Weight: 280 g/m2
Colour: black

This fabric is very stretchy and soft, excellent for sportswear. It combines well with sports wool if one cannot have wool directly on the body.

The knits are very similar, in the 60% the knitting pattern is a little more visible.

You can order a sample for CZK 10, just make a note when ordering, the swatchbook works the same, just make a note :)

Eko-tex I certified for children below the age of 3 years.

Samples of patterns suited for this fabric:

Price: 310,00 Kč
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Standard -- 21%