How to shop, general business conditions and other arrangements

This document contains a brief how-to use our e-shop, general business conditions and warranties provided.

How to shop

Go through the menu CATALOG and pick the fabric you are interested in. Click ADD TO CART along with the NUMBER OF METERS. The cart stores your order, you can pick further fabrics. The button UPDATE CART will always tell you the actual price of your goods in the cart. Do not ponder about the button ITEMS, it says how many meters you have ordered so far, not very informative...

I want to pay

Click the button CHECKOUT (to be found in the vicinity of your cart ;) ). Check your order whether you have really all you wanted to buy. The column QUANTITY says how many meters of the fabric you have ordered. SUBTOTAL is the value of ordered items including VAT but without postage. Please fill in your data (shipping, invoicing), returning customers do not have to, but please always check!

Our system stores your data only for purposes of this shop and its operation and will not be passed to any third person, however, we can not vouch for safety of electronic channels, which are not under our control. If you want to erase your data, please contact us (reference Contact).


We ship by Czech post or use the cheapest way we are aware of for abroad. Within the Czech Republic you can choose from four options, all prices with discount form us:
- postage for prepaid order CZK 65, orders above CZK 1000 CZK 50, orders above CZK 3000 CZK 0 with the exception of WS orders - no discounts on postage there, small parcels (up to 0.5kg) CZK 40
- cash on delivery CZK 95 or discounted for orders above CZK 1 and 3 thousand
- personal pickup in Prague or Liberec (CZK 30 or 0 Kč). In Prague the pickup is in a small shop in Dejvice -

Agátin svět, Eliášova 12
opening hours Mo - Fr 9.30 - 18 h
phone: 731 571 350, 251 561 404

In Liberec the pickup is at our shop in palac Koruna (3.p) Moskevska 50/22.
opening hours Mo - Fr 9.00 - 16:30 h

- letter (no insurance) - only for really tiny items, cost CZK 24

Postage on all parcels abroad needs to be calculated depending on weight. It starts at about CZK 200 for Slovakia, we try our best to make it as cheap as possible.

Parcels are insured, Czech post should contact you on mobile phone or email if available.

How to pay

Pick your way of payment - in advance (bank account or paypal (we prefer bank)) or other (when paying directly at the shop). For payment in advance you will get an email with all instructions (we check your order before confirming, so please wait a bit).

Click REVIEW ORDER and check your order and all the information. Click SUBMIT ORDER and it is done.

How do I get my goods?

Your order will be processed as quickly as possible and we will contact you by e-mail. In the case of payment in advance (all orders abroad) you will obtain additional information and your goods will be shipped as soon as we get your payment. In emergency cases please send confirmation of payment from your bank and we will ship. So far we have not regretted doing so and can process your order before the money arrives at our account. Goods cash-on-delivery will be dispatched immediately, you will get a confirming e-mail with the sum to be paid to the postman.

Personal pickup is easy in our shop in Koruna, Moskevska 50/22 Liberec during the opening hours. If you want to be quick, please contact us by e-mail when best to come, we will have your order ready and you will not wait, otherwise you may arrive during our post hours when we are very busy... :)

Changes in your order

There are still more orders and we are happy about that, but we need to be efficient to maintain our services. We have still more additional changes to orders, which are often already ready and packed - we have to unpack and adjust. We will be happy to help, but we may have to ask for a small compensation for our work. If you need to change your order, please be quick and write. If it is the same day as your order, the change is free of charge. Later (if the package is still with us) we may have to ask for additional CZK 3 0 to repack, change the invoice, change the post. We are sorry for this "penalty" but we had to do that, please understand.

General business conditions

We do our best to assure you are happy with our fabrics and our services. However, if you despite all this need to return the goods, we accept unused material or goods within 30 days since purchase and return your money, however, postage is not refundable. Contact if you want to return goods or file a complaint:
Terezie Šámalová
Moskevská 50/22, 46001 Liberec

If you file a complaint against our goods we return money only up to the value of the purchased material, we can not compensate your added value if the fabric proves to be faulty - we cover only up to the value of the material purchased from us. If you are returning a custom cut, we can not refund the full value, but only the nearest lower standard measure or upon agreement. Please after you obtain your goods always check quality and quantity, later complaints are always problematic, although so far we have always come to an agreement :)

Before first use please read carefully the purpose and common care symbols and check the material properly. The seller can not provide any warranty for losses caused by operation of products, functional properties and losses arising from inexpert usage of products as well as losses caused by external events or faulty manipulation. The provided warranty does not cover losses of this origin.

We offer a standard 2 year warranty on our products. During this period we repair or exchange damaged goods, upon a third complaint you have the right to ask your money back. If 2 years have passed we can repair anything you need and we can agree individually on a reasonable compensation. This warranty applies also to diapers, however only to faults from production, not common wear, diapers are consumer goods.

As regards cutting - we always cut the material as a whole, if possible. If you need your yardage cut in several pieces, please make a comment. We always try to add about 5cm to the measured yardage on knits, but we are only human and some fabrics are really very stretchy, so if you measure less than you ordered, please let us know! We offer either return of money if you send the fabric back, or we can agree on some percentual compensation. We cut the fabric either with a roller blade or fabric scissors, but as most are stretchy knits, which are tricky to cut please excuse possible "chews" on the fabric, we do our best :)

If you need a non-standard measure cut than what the shop offers, please order a full unit and write your desired yardage in the comment, we will adjust. The smallest detail we can measure is 10cm. On fabrics by meter we need to calculate CZK 10 for cutting a smaller amount. The smallest possible yardage for purchase is 30cm (with the exception of rib knits which are by 10cm and similar).

Details on how to care for your fabrics can be found here: (reference How to care for your fabrics). Generally we do not attach any directions to your order as all can be found on the shop but if you needed that, please write, we can send.

All the materials used in our fabrics are certified (organic, Eko-tex or harmful materials certificates), we can send those upon request. Available certificates are always stated with the concrete materials. We use the materials also for our children and as far as we were able to ascertain they are the healthiest possible. However, we can not provide any more guarantees than the certificates.

We can also sew for you if you need that, please contact us for all details and conditions at info"zavinac"

Wholesale offer

We offer two levels of wholesale prices - over 10 meters and full rolls. When selling over 10m we measure and repack the fabric and thus we have a chance to detect bigger flaws. Small flaws are left, bigger ones are either cut out or we add a corresponding yardage. You can obtain your 10m in two pieces. When selling full rolls standard wholesale conditions for fabric apply - there can be holes from production on the fabric (about every 20m one or two such). Meters on the rolls should be OK from production, we compensate if the difference is over 5% - in that case we compensate financially or the order can be cancelled.

The buyer is obliged to properly check the material upon delivery.

Again, we provide warranty on quality of the fabric and compensate for possible flaws over the wholesale conditions up to the price of the fabric purchased. All other costs connected with use of a faulty material can not be compensated, use of the fabrics is at risk of the buyer.

Possible questions and comments please send to, or (reference Contact).

Terka Šámalová