PUL functional solid colors Czech (50x47)

65,00 Kč

If you ever considered breathability of the PUL material and thus the comfort for the child then you will be really happy about this material, nothing much closer to my beloved wool :) But that said - it also has "woolen" disadvantages - after about an hour you should change, else the baby gets wet.

To order full meters please select a corresponding number of diaper cuts.
1m is 6 cuts sent as a whole, if we are out, we will let you know.
Price on full meters is CZK 300 and will be adjusted in your order.

Composition: 100% polyester with polyurethane lamination
Width: 150cm or a diaper cut 50x47cm
Weight: 170g/m2
Colors: see pictures

This is probably the best industrially used lamination with functional properties (water column over 10 000, breathability RET 10 (corresponds to 10/12 on softshell).

The industrial lamination can withstand many cycles, so far we guarantee 200, the production says it is more, but that has not yet been tested by us...

Made in CR and EU.

We sell by diaper cuts 50x47cm and full meters (width 150cm)

Do not dry on hot heaters, do not wring dry, the lamination can not cope with that!

PUL is one of the most risky materials used on diapers - genius when it works but it happens that lamination is not perfect (in every production). Please take that into account, when you have to file a complaint (if there is a defect from production - that is on our side) we refund the price of the fabric, but only that, other costs remain with you, sorry, we can not do better!

Currently we offer two types of PUL material classic PUL and this functional one. The difference is slightly in price, functional PUL is softer and more pliable and more durable. The breathability is very high, you could wear it leisure running, during the extreme sports most babies do daily they can perspire slightly, but it is the best I have seen.

Certified for babies below the age of 3.

The difference compared to the classic PUL: This PUL is functional, that means it breathes. Thus the wetness is evaporated away from the child and you may get mildly wet clothing. You should not use functional PUL for long car drives where you will not change and want to stay dry, but if you want your baby to feel well then this is the fabric. And you can use merino fleece below the seated baby just in case :)
Functional PUL if you pour water on it gets wet - due to breathability of the membrane, which does not repel moisture but transports it away. For diaper bags the classic PUL is better, wherever it is used on a human the functional PUL is friendlier (training pants, diapers, mama pads). By its nature this is more of an "organic" material - trickier to manipulate (changing more often), more comfortable for the human :)

Also watch for the seams - functional PUL is much more sensitive here - seams should not be in wet zones, you get much quicker leaks, so please leave these areas intact. And change your child, he/she will feel better :)

If you are looking for the parent comfort of disposables, better use the classic PUL, it still is better for the child than using disposables...

So pick well so that everybody is happy!

Certified for children below the age of 3.

Price: 65,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%


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