Wool-silk single jersey black

695,00 Kč
SKU: WSJblack01

Finally we have this fabulous and rare combination of materials again, hopefully it makes you as happy as us :)

Composition: 70% wool and 30% natural silk
Weight: 150g/m2
Width: 150cm
Color: black

Wool-silk single jersey is a stretchy but firm material suitable for underwear - T-shirts, leggings, etc.

Wool with silk is a warm material with properties of wool, but the silk provides strength, shine and durability.

The fabric is nice to touch, very similar to the 100% wool, the silk does not make it much softer.

Made in the Czech Republic

Price: 695,00 Kč
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Standard -- 21%


Letní triko

Dobrý den, byl by tento materiál vhodný i na letní triko volnějšího střihu? Díky. M.

Re: letni triko

Myslim ze ano, je to tenke. Ja mam zkusenost se 100% merinem a to bylo fajn, tohle mi prijde dost podobne :)