PUL Czech NANO (by 10cm)

78,00 Kč
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In cooperation with the Technical University in Liberec we have developed this PUL with NANO-membrane, which is waterproof but really breathable.

Composition: 100% recycled polyester with NANO-membrane
Width: 145cm
Colors: purple, black

RET: 3 m2Pa/W (resistance to water vapour - an almost too good a number - compare to goretex, which usually states below 6 :) )
Water column: 20 000 mm H2O
All measured in direction membrane - polyester as the PUL is usually used.
After 30 wash-cycles RET 5, water column still 20 000.

We sell by 10cm, minimum order is 30cm.

Price per meter is CZK 700

We have had NANO PUL for a shorter time now, but so far has worked excellently. We have not seen any defects, but we always use the membrane covered (towards the inside of a mama pad or a diaper, for diaper covers we use microfleece as the skin-to layer). From production we have been warned the membrane may suffer in washing when not covered, so we really recommend to cover it.

Occasionally there is a fold in the membrane, but functionally that is no problem. We will be happy for any comments, so far we have tested it in mama pads and diapers and everybody agrees it is worth the price.

Made in ČR.

Do not tumble- dry, do not dry on hot surfaces, do not wring dry, the lamination can not cope with that! And watch out for the sun, this is plastic...

The lamination is well tested, however always check your PUL (any PUL) before sewing - pull on the edge of lamination (has to hold tight) and prewash - major defects can be immediately detected and you can return the fabric.

Differences between PUL fabrics: Functional PUL breathes, but thus it also feels moist after about 1 hour holding a wet diaper. Standart PUL does not feel moist, but it also breathes very little, for more active kids better use the functional one. There is no difference between the standard PUL fabrics, only the softer is really softer, but all of them are waterproof.

Price: 78,00 Kč
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Standard -- 21%


"dýchá" opravdu parádně!

sebrala jsem odvahu a zkusila tento "nanopul" na menstruační kalhotky a opravdu parádně dýchá, téměř stejně jako vlna. takže jediné co chybí k dokonalosti je už snad jen bambusový sportovní úplet v barvě (nemyslím tenký, u toho bych se bála, že bez gumy MS kalhotky neudrží), aby se daly ušít jednobarevné kalhotky;-) hlavně jsem chtěla za tuhle látku poděkovat, moc se povedla a je úžasné, že máte možnost takové spolupráce z níž tohle vzešlo:-)