Fold-over elastic 2.5cm (by 1/2 metres)

23,00 Kč
SKU: 6034

High-quality elastic for use on cloth diapers or clothing.

Width 2.5cm, brown in 5cm wide

We offer several colors and designs, for more colors see Czech FOE , which is very similar.

The 5cm brown elastic is very well suited for hemming the waist. The FOE has a pre-woven fold in the centre where it folds easily arount the material you are hemming. Thus you get a high-quality stretchy hem suited as waist, legs, end of sleeves or around a cloth diaper.

The price is per 1/2 meter.

It is better to pre-wash, since it may let a bit of color in the first wash.

Imported from the USA, meets all requirements demanded in the USA.

Price: 23,00 Kč
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Standard -- 21%