Organic cotton jersey 100% thin

160,00 Kč
SKU: OCJthn01

Thin 100% organic cotton for a clean base layer.

Composition 100% organic cotton
Width: 130 cm 2nd quality, 100cm 1st quality, black 110cm
Weight: 85 g/m2
Colour: natural, black

The fabric has slanted rows (technological reason from knitting), but it doesn't affect the comfort of wearing it.

The organic cotton fibre is GOTS certified (organic and ethical standards), Eko-tex I certified.

A thin semi-transparent fabric that looks like silk but with a feel of organic cotton. Ideal if you want or need to wear a pure natural fabric on your body, amazing for people suffering from eczema and anyone with sensitive skin. If you have a problem with wool directly on your body, just wear a thin t-shirt made of this material and no wool will ever bite you again :) It's great for summer too, kids don't mind the transparency, adults need to fine tune it somehow.

II quality shrinks and shears during the first wash (wash at 60 and dryer shrinks 10cm in width and 10% in height), so cut afterwards :) Without pre-washing the material shears a lot, which is fine for a baselayer, but definitely pre-wash anyway. We are selling out quality II, the new batch is already stabilized.

We do not cut less than 1m.

Certified for children below the age of 3

Made in the Czech Republic

Price per 1m

Price cuts on orders over 10m and full rolls.

You can order a sample for CZK 10, just make a note when ordering.

Price: 160,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%


Kolová řasená sukně

Dobrý den, hodila by se tato látka na kolovou řasenou sukni? A případně, co byste doporučovala na spodničku, aby to nebylo průsvitné. Děkuji za odpověď Pavla

Re: kolova rasena sukne

Dobry den,

a tehle latky jsme sili tricka na telo (nejlepsi kus obleceni jaky mam :) )

sukne nas z toho nenapadla. Je to hodne tenoucke, ale docela splyvave, tak by ta sukne na leto nemusela byt spatna :) Spodnicku bych osobne nechtela, tohle je material na telo, spis bych to udelala vice narasene, pak to pruhledne nebude.

Jestli budete sit, tak budeme radi za fotky, drzime palce!