Organic cotton damask (width 268cm)

320,00 Kč
SKU: ogcwdmsk01

Naturally color-grown organic cotton in a beautiful combination for bedlinen.

Přírodně barevně rostlá biobavlna v krásně kombinaci na ložní prádlo.

Composition: 100% organic cotton
Width: 268cm (really!)
Weight: 160 g/m2

Great for bedlinen and thanks to the great width you can sew any size of blanket. We have also tested that for a normal blanket it suffices to take only the length, the width is sufficient :)

The only problem may be that you will have hard time getting up from this bedlinen...

Price per 1m.

For samples please make a note to the order, price CZK 10.

Price: 320,00 Kč
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Standard -- 21%