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Bamboo-linen Fleece Czech

530,00 Kč
SKU: 4615

It was our experimental fabric, that turned out to be really good and luxurious.  The fabric is very similar to our beloved Czech bamboo fleece, though a bit darker because of the linen.

The fabric has excellent absorbent properties (it absorbs liquids and moisture even better that bamboo). As it is a new fabric, custom-made specially for us, we don’t have it fully tested.
This bamboo-linen fleece is made of 30% linen, 45% bamboo and 25% organic cotton. Width: 200cm. Area-weight 400g/m2.
The fabric is highly absorbent, albeit thin. It is perfect for diapers as an inner absorbent layer, can be used as an outer contact layer, but there are better options for outer layers. It looks somewhat like heavy training-suit fabric, don’t confuse it with polyesther fleece!
When washing the fabric on 60°C it stretches a little bit in width and shrinks by 10cm per one meter.
On the picture the lighter fleece on the right is made of bamboo-hemp, the one on the left is the bamboo-linen fleece.

Bamboo and organic cotton are certified for children under the age of 3. Linen was grown in Europe, we’re currently working on getting the certificate.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Price: 530,00 Kč
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