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Peace silk knit (by 10cm)

155,00 Kč

Peace silk presents an alternative to the classic grown silk, where the coccoons are collected and boiled in water, then the thread is unwound. With peace silk the coccons are collected first after the butterfly emerges. This procedure is more demanding in processing and thus the silk is more expensive, but not too much.

Peace silk contains many natural oils which help regenerate human skin and thus it not only wears very nicely but also heals.

This knit is non-transparent silk knit excellent for children clothing - bodysuits, T-shirts, leggings, etc.

Composition: 100% peace silk
Weight: 150g/m2
Width: 140cm uncut tunnel
Color: natural

Can be dyed at home, intense colors turn out better.

During the production strict ecological and social criteria are observed, the fabric is GOTS certified.

The fabric is made in India.

Beware, the price is per 10cm full width!

Price: 155,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%


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