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Organic silk ponge 5

525,00 Kč
SKU: SP501

We bring purely natural silk produced in conditions of organic farming without use of pesticides or other chemicals.

Ponge is the most common type of silk fabric used mostly for scarfs, painting or drapes.

Weight: 22g/m2
Width: 90cm
Composition: 100% organic silk
Color: natural cream white

Organic silk is a purely natural product, a very soft and pliant fabric, which caresses the skin. In summer it protects from heat, in winter it keeps warm, it protects from smells. Silk has unbelievable strength and durability.

In production the human-ecological and social criteria are strictly observed, the fabric is GOTS certified.

The fabric is from the silk homeland - China.

Price: 525,00 Kč
VAT rate: 
Standard -- 21%


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